2018 Fall/Winter


UNIQLO Stockholm

On 24th August 2018, UNIQLO opened its first store in Sweden, located in the heart of Stockholm adjacent to Kungsträdgården, one of the most historical and popular areas of the city. The store occupies the building known as Sweden House (Sverigehuset), which was designed by Stockholm-born Sven Gottfried Markelius, one of the most important Swedish modernist architects.

2018 also marked the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan. As a brand with deep respect and appreciation for local culture, a special collaboration with Lotta Kühlhorn, a local Swedish graphic designer and illustrator, adorned the campaign to celebrate the store opening on this significant year.

Kühlhorn‘s iconic style of collage included illustrations featuring UNIQLO’s products, elements from Kungsträdgården, and Sweden House itself, all produced in three colourways.

Shown here are some of the designs created for the store opening campaign: sensu (folding fan) handed out to all the customers on the first day, the invitation to the opening reception (a furoshiki-style invitation inside a origami-style envelope), cashmere gift box set, exclusive shopping bags, and masu sake cups for the reception party.

Product Design
Packaging Design
Print & Digital Invitations
OOH & Print Advertisements

2018 Fall/Winter


Marketing Campaign

As the Art Director of the HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO collection, responsibilities include designing and directing all the marketing assets used in all the global markets.

Shown here are some of the creative assets created including print materials, out-of-home advertisements, in-store promotional materials, website and digital marketing assets.

Aside from the creative production, one of the key responsibilities is to communicate the collection’s brand values and the season’s creative concept to all the teams and departments involved from merchandise planning to the stores, to ensure a strong brand consistency throughout the world.

Art Direction
In-Store Communication - Posters & Panels
Collection Leaflet 
OOH & Print Advertisement 
Digital Marketing - Creative Direction

2017 Spring/Summer


LifeWear 2017 S/S Press Preview

UNIQLO used to hold a Global Press Preview twice a year, where they invite special guests to showcase their upcoming collection for the next season.

The new venue in Shibuya was the critical message to communicate to the guests, resulting in the design being based on a graphical interpretation of the streets of Shibuya.

In addition, the invitation was made in the style of a ‘furoshiki’, a traditional gift-wrapping cloth in Japanese custom, to showcase the DNA of the brand to the international guests.

Print & Digital Invitations

2016 Fall/Winter


Marketing Camapaign

Three seasons in, 2016 Fall/Winter was the official launch for countries outside of the ASEAN region.
The concept for the campaign was to showcase Tajima in a personal way. The visuals were taken in her actual home and neighbourhood in Upstate New York, and casted one of her oldest friends in the campaign.

As it was the first time to launch in Japan, a press event was held in the UNIQLO Ginza store, and received media attention both online and offline.

Art Direction
In-Store Communication - Posters & Panels
Collection Leaflet

OOH & Print Advertisement
Website Design
Digital Marketing - Creative Direction
Collection Movie - Creative Direction
2016 Fall/Winter Press Preview Exhibition

2015 Spring/Summer

Japan, Global

LifeWear 2015 S/S Press Preview

Focusing on the concept of LifeWear, the 2015 Spring/Summer Press Preview was held in Paris, New York and Tokyo, showcasing the upcoming essential items for the season.

As a new approach, a printed booklet was created with stylings that appealed to UNIQLO’s global audience. Press kits, printed and digital invitations were designed for all three cities.

Season Look Book
Print & Digital Invitations

Press Kit

Ayu Yamaguchi